Infrastructure Networks Service
Infrastructure Networks Service

Infrastructure Network Services Overview

EDECS's Infrastructure Network Services are designed to establish robust foundations for your projects through detailed planning, design, construction, and commissioning of both dry and wet infrastructure networks. Our comprehensive construction services approach encompasses all phases of your project—from initial planning and design through successful implementation. Our goal is to ensure that your infrastructure networks not only meet current demands but are also sustainable and adaptable for future needs.

What do we do

At EDECS, our Infrastructure Network Services offer a thorough end-to-end process from the ground up, beginning with the detailed design and planning of efficient and reliable utility systems within our construction services. 


Our experienced engineers craft customized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each project, ensuring that all essential utilities such as potable water, wastewater, electrical distribution, telecommunication, and irrigation are integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure networks.


During the construction services phase, our management team oversees every aspect of the process to guarantee top-notch quality workmanship, strict adherence to budget and schedule, and compliance with all safety regulations. 


Following construction, we perform extensive testing and commissioning to ensure that every installed infrastructure system operates flawlessly and meets all project specifications.

Infrastructure Network Service Key Deliverables/Features

Our Infrastructure Network Services' key deliverables include:

Custom Utility System Design

 Expert design of infrastructure networks, including potable water systems, wastewater collection systems, storm drain networks, firefighting networks, sewage networks, electrical distribution systems, telecommunication networks, SCADA systems, and irrigation systems.

Advanced Construction Management

Complete oversight of the construction phase within our construction services, ensuring commitment to quality, budget fidelity, and timely completion.

State-of-the-Art Equipment Utilization

Utilization of advanced construction tools and machinery specifically suited for dry and wet utility construction, enhancing the efficiency of our infrastructure networks.

Rigorous Testing and Commissioning

Detailed verification processes within our construction services to ensure all systems are functional and meet all specified requirements before project handover.

How EDECS’ Infrastructure Network Service Benefits Your Business

Comprehensive Solutions

As your single point of contact, we streamline the management and execution of all infrastructure projects.

Proven Expertise

Our extensive experience ensures that projects are completed efficiently and effectively, keeping them on time and within budget.

Safety Commitment

We prioritize the safety of all project sites and comply with all relevant regulations, reducing risk and enhancing project reliability.

Sustainable Practices

EDECS is committed to sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices that minimize environmental impact and ensure long-term utility performance.

EDECS Integrated Services approach

ECEDS's integrated approach ensures efficient coordination and synergy throughout your project. Our Infrastructure Networks Service seamlessly integrates with the following:

Construction Management

Streamlined workflow from design to execution, maintaining quality and efficiency.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Incorporating sustainability into design, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Project Planning and Scheduling

Aligning design milestones with timelines and optimizing resource allocation.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks, safeguarding project success. 


At EDECS, we deliver unmatched value through our comprehensive, integrated services, which are driven by expertise and innovation.

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