Company Overview

EDECS Legacy

EDECS for Engineering & Contracting emerged in 1995 from a profound understanding of the market and a strong determination to succeed. Recognizing the significant economic potential within Egypt's construction sector, which contributed around 4.8% to the country's GDP, Eng. Hussein El Dessouky founded EDECS to capitalize on this opportunity. With a strategic vision aligned with Egypt's future progress, EDECS has evolved into a premier engineering and contracting company. Specializing in large-scale, mega, and complex projects, EDECS consistently adds strength and trust to each landmark it builds, becoming a cornerstone of reliable and innovative infrastructure development, Now in Egypt and KSA.

Business Statements


To become a global leading construction company in mission-critical mega projects delivering consistent, exceptional value to the citizens of the world.



We work closely with our clients in the region and beyond to develop innovative solutions that meet their challenges and exceed their expectations. We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality and safety in all aspects of our work with our expertise team and solid methodology while taking care of our employees, communities, and the environment where we live and work.

Values that guide us


We foster a collaborative culture that values knowledge-sharing, diversity, and inclusion. Our people are our greatest asset, and we invest in their development and well-being to build long-lasting client relationships that positively impact their businesses.


We are dedicated to excellence and the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring a safe environment for our employees, clients, and communities. Our commitment to quality drives community development and customer satisfaction at every step.  


We proactively listen, learn, and innovate to overcome challenges. Our focus on rapid and flexible solutions enables us to adapt to change, ensuring continuous improvement and added value in our work.


We maintain unwavering quality even in challenging situations. Our accountability and commitment to our clients are evident in the strong, long-term partnerships we build, honoring our promises and consistently delivering excellence.


Our actions are guided by ethics, trust, and respect. We build relationships based on honesty, fairness, and objectivity, never compromising on these principles.

Business Focus

EDECS differentiates itself through an integrated approach, proven experience, a focus on sustainability, and strong partnerships with clients. Our comprehensive range of services under one roof streamlines project execution and ensures the highest quality outcomes.
EDECS offers a comprehensive range of services across multiple sectors, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency in every project. Our expertise spans marine and port facilities, infrastructure development, road works and bridges, railway development, water irrigation, earthworks, and building construction. This broad scope enables EDECS to excel in delivering integrated solutions that meet diverse stakeholders’ needs, driving project success and fostering long-term partnerships.

EDECS Resilient Growth Rate

Established in 1995, EDECS has built a legacy of growth and project expansion, demonstrating resilience through fluctuating and challenging conditions. The recent years, as highlighted in the graph, showcase a significant trajectory of recovery and progress. Despite a notable downturn in 2020, the company quickly rebounded, achieving strong growth rates in 2021 and beyond. This consistent performance underscores EDECS's ability to adapt and thrive, continually expanding its projects and maintaining a robust presence in the industry.

Transformative Solutions

EDECS' solutions transform clients' businesses by:

Expanding Capabilities

Enabling partners to undertake large-scale and complex construction projects beyond their own capacity.

Improving Efficiency

Utilizing advanced technologies and project management expertise to optimize project delivery at all scales.

Enhancing Sustainability

 Implementing sustainable construction practices to minimize environmental impact and reduce long-term operational costs.

Boosting Brand Image

Delivering high-quality and aesthetically pleasing projects that enhance partners’ reputation and strengthen their market position.

EDECS in Numbers

EDECS has established itself as a trusted contractor in the Egyptian and GCC markets, renowned for its expertise in marine and infrastructure projects. 


Milestones and Achievements


  • Experience: Over 30 years in the industry.
  • Employees: More than 3,400 skilled professionals.
  • Grade A Contractor in Egypt and KSA
  • Projects: Successfully completed over 250 projects.
  • Incorporations: Egypt and KSA 
  • Quality Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001.


EDECS is a member of the French Chamber, the German Chamber in Cairo, and EFCBC, the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building, reflecting its commitment to global standards and practices.