Quality credits and Awards
Quality credits and Awards

Refining Excellence from Inception to Completion

EDECS is a leading name in the construction industry. At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering commitment to quality.


Our quality assurance strategy is founded on the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015, and the organizational excellence models. We precisely measure the quality at all levels.

Our quality management system is driven by our aim to exceed client expectations and sustain excellence; we achieve this through:

  • Dedicated Quality Control Teams: equipped with the expertise and tools to ensure and guarantee quality standards compliance.
  • Integrated Management System: A system that embeds quality, safety, and environmental practices into all our operations.
  • SMART Objectives: An approach that ensures all our goals are clear, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound to track and improve our performance.
  • Continuous Improvement: Utilizing quality management tools and problem-solving techniques to identify areas for enhancement and implement innovative solutions.
Client-Centric Excellence Approach

Our clients are our focus, and their satisfaction is our primary objective. Our dedication to the highest quality standards, devoted with open communication and timely delivery, staying within budget, is the foundation for long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect.

Open Communication

Maintaining open communication channels with clients throughout the project lifecycle to address concerns and ensure their satisfaction.

Collaborative Approach

Collaborating with clients to understand their needs and deliver projects that meet their specific requirements.

At EDECS, we work hand in hand with consultants and subcontractors to ensure that every project we tackle is top-notch in quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our collaborative approach ensures optimum effectiveness throughout the project lifecycle.


EDECS has been honored with numerous awards for our excellence in construction, safety, and environmental stewardship. These awards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

EDECS adheres to the following internationally recognized quality standards: