Become a Vendor
Become a Vendor

Criteria Used by EDECS for Selecting Vendors and Subcontractors:

Our detailed vendor selection criteria, prequalification, and evaluation systems ensure that selected vendors meet the highest quality, reliability, and sustainability standards. EDECS’s vendor list spans across various grades and specialties, ensuring commitment, cooperation, and flexibility to achieve project goals.

Our evaluation process includes assessing the following:

  • Financial capability
  • Quality, health
  • Safety standards
  • Compliance with milestones and legal requirements
  • Design track record
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Communication
  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Equipment availability
We prioritize selecting vendors who align with our values and can deliver the required quality on time and within budget.
Vendor Fill In Application
EDECS Procurment Review Application
Vendor Onboarding Process

Steps for Vendors to Partner with EDECS and Enter the Supplier Database:

Vendors can begin the partnership process by :

1] visiting our website at Supplier Registration

2]Completing the registration form. 

3] Upon submission, our sourcing team evaluates and grades the vendor based on the provided information and required documents.