Methanol Marine Terminal Damietta Port
Dredging, Shore Protection & Marine Fixtures Installation

Owner: E-Methanex.

Engineer: Tichent.

Main Contractor: Petrojet.

Project Overview:

Dry excavation and installation of a deep well dewatering system to draw down water level to enable further dry excavation. leveling and slope protection and scour protection at depth.

Our Scope of Works:

  1. Dredging works for the Terminal area down and disposal of the dredged material to the designated off-shore dumping area.

  2. Dredging works for the scour area down and disposal of the excavated material to the designated dumping area.

  3. Underwater slope formation and leveling.

  4. Carry out the installation of the marine fixtures works for the Pulling Heads and the steel footpaths.

Project Duration: Oct. 2007 - May 2010.




Project Type

Ports & Marine Works


(30 months)