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We're always looking to grow our world-class team, full of industry leaders that build meaningful projects.

At EDECS, you're not getting a "job"; you're furthering your career at one of the leading construction companies in the region. We believe that a company is only as good as the team behind it, so we're always looking at developing our team and making sure we're building the right environment for them to prosper. You can still apply below even there is not a listing for that position!


Why work @EDECS?

Although we operate at a massive scale, each member of our team contributes significantly to our work and thus is able to develop their skills and gain years' worth of experience in short periods of time.  

We're committed not just to bringing in the best people but also to challenging them and developing them further to become industry leaders. 

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Headquarter breakfast 22-03-2022
Headquarter breakfast 22-03-2022
Projects Life
First Aid & Basic Life Support Course in Cooperation with Red Crescent
TransMEA 2021
The employee of the Q3 2021
COVID-19 vaccines to employees and their families
Projects Life
Projects Life
Projects Life
The employee of the Q4 2021
EDECS welcomed a group of engineers from BUE Ain Sokhna Port site
Visit of Minister of Transport, Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir Multi-Purpose Logistics Terminal "


It's essential that our people are always in a position to focus on their life goals and the meaningful work they're doing with us. That's why we've invested in our state-of-the-art headquarters at Cairo Business Park to ensure that our team is in a professional yet comforting setting that they can prosper in. We're also very competitive with our perks and benefits, such as our healthcare plan, to further help alleviate external stresses and help build this nurturing environment.

To fit right in, we ask you to be helpful and empathetic to everyone around you because we're always working in teams with varying experience levels in multiple dimensions. We're all looking to learn from each other.

Life at EDECS
Join the Team
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Join the Team

Below you can take a look at our vacant positions and apply to join EDECS.



For any inquiries, questions, or recommendations,

Please fill out our contact form.

Let’s Get in Touch

EDECS HQs (Egypt)

Address: B1/22 Cairo Business Park, New Cairo
Tel.: +20 2 25412 100 | +20 2 25412 700 | +20 1000 099482
Fax: +20 2 25412 300

Port Said Office (Egypt)

Address: 23rd of July St., Marwa Tower
Tel.: +20 66 3200 200 | +20 66 3200 300
Fax: +20 66 3200 001

EDECS (Saudi Arabia)

Address: Al-Mas Commercial Tower, Office No. 301, King Fahad Street - Olaya District
Tel. : +966115122569

Riyadh Office (Saudi Arabia)

Address: 8442 Othman Ibn Affan - El-Nozha District 
Tel. : +966014535135

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