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Construction of Truck Parking Terminals in East Port Said Seaport

Owner: Port Said Port Authority

Consultant: Research Center for Maritime Sector (MRCC)

Project Overview:

East Port Said Port truck parking provides services which are summarized in waiting and regulating the movement of trucks inside East Port Said Port in addition to the services provided to drivers where there is a cafeteria, mosque, medical treatment center in the yard, shaded parking areas as well as a supermarket and a group of transport services offices and the service of dismantling and installing refrigerant generators for containers, the East Port Said truck parking lot is constructed on a total land area 170,000 m2.

Our Scope of Work:

  • All site preparation and parking yards construction, including excavation with dewatering, backfilling, sub-base layer, and heavy-duty interlock laying block paving layer.

  • Curbstone works, colored tiles, road alignment works, guidance, and warning signs.

  • Several buildings include the administration building, workshops, cafeteria, services building, arch parking sheds, transforms building, fence, and security building. 

  • Sewage, firefighting, and electric networks.

  • High masts and lighting poles.

Project Duration: Oct. 2012 - Jan. 2014.



Port Said Port Authority

Project Type

Infrastructure Works, Roads & Bridges Works.


(16 months)

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