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Container Terminal in East Port-Said Port
Dewatering, Excavation, Backfilling & Compaction

Owner: Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT).

Consultants: PACER & Royal Haskoning.

Project Overview:

The project included the construction of 2,400 m of quay wall split into two stages (1,200 m in each stage) with container terminals of 500 m width and an overall length of 2,400 m. The two stages were split into several contracts and phases of execution. We completed the project in collaboration with several contracts either as the main contractor or as a subcontractor for ARCHIRODON Constructions Overseas Co. China Harbor Engineering Company Egypt Ltd. (CHEC), and the Petroleum Projects & Technical Consulting Company (Petrojet).

Our Scope of Works:

In the First Stage:
*With ARCHIRODON Include:
The excavating & dumping of 450,000 m3 and backfilling & compaction of 600,000 m3.
*As the Main Contractor, we completed the construction of the following buildings;
- Steel shed area and service building of steel skeleton including reinforced concrete footing and all finishing works, wire mesh fence and infrastructure works including water, drainage, and firefighting utilities, manholes, pump house, communication & electric utilities, and fire alarm system.

In the Second Stage:
*With China Harbor include:
Soil backfilling for sea pockets at up to -17 CD water depth, installation of a long silt screen, removal of old protection, installation of underwater sandbags at -17 CD water, and installation of underwater geotextiles and sandbags above to fix geotextiles & dewatering & excavation of 158,000 m3 of soil 6.5 m deep.

Project Duration: 2004 – 2012.



Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT)

Project Type

Infrastructure Works


(96 months)