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Al Amal Bridge
(Shinzo Abe Axis)

Consultant: Nile Engineering Consulting.

Project Overview:

We had established Al Amal Bridge, located at the top of the Shinzo Abe axis (named after Japan's longest-serving prime minister), which connects the Suez Road with the East Cairo Region by passing through the Azbat El Hagana up to the Mesak Road and then to the Al Amal Cemeteries. This is due to the liquidity of the traffic, avoiding traffic congestion in the Nasr City area to serve the citizens and facilitate traffic flow.

Total concrete quantity: 30,000 m3.
Total steel reinforcement quantity: 9150 tons.
The number of lanes: 6.
Length: 850 meters.
Width: 25.6 meters.
Project Duration: Apr. 2021 - Aug. 2021.


Project Type

Roads & Bridges


(4 months)

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