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​Construction of 680 m Multi-purpose Terminal Damietta Seaport, Egypt

Owner: Damietta Port Authority (DPA), Egypt.

Consultant: Maritime Research & Consultation Center ( MRCC).

Project Overview:

Damietta Port comes at the forefront of the Egyptian ports recently developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, considering its distinguished location. The port is about 23 nautical miles from the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, which is a major advantage for all the vessels crossing the Suez Canal. Damietta Port also has huge potential, qualifying it as the prime Egyptian commercial port.

One of its many advantages is the applied integrated automated system that serves the national economy. The Port is owned by the Egyptian Ministry of Transportation and is managed.

The Damietta Port Authority is tasked to execute a well-defined strategy that includes, among others, increasing the capacity of the port by adding more berthing lengths and deepening the basin into 17 m.  This new berth adds 680 m of quay wall for multipurpose berthing and handling with a 17 m depth of berthing.


This terminal will contribute to reducing vessel waiting time outside the port, increase cargo handling volumes, encourage further ships with bigger sizes and types, and buttress storage capacity inside the port area.

Our Scope of Work:

  1. Site preparation and investigation, including bathymetric survey, soil investigation, and installing and maintaining environmental barriers.

  2. Land reclamation to add over 50,000 m2 to the quay wall and stacking area. This includes backfilling of about 1 million m3 of clean sand.

  3. Excavating and constructing 680 m lengths of about 28,000 m2 of Diaphragm Walls with 1-meter thickness and 44 meters depth.

  4. Excavating and constructing about 500 barrettes (1 m by 2.5 m and about 44 meters deep).

  5. Constructing the copping beams, girders, and deck slabs.

  6. Installation of 59 cell fenders and 20 bollards.

  7. Dredging works in front of the quay wall up to a depth of -15.0 cd using a cutter suction dredger with a total dredging quantity of 760,000 m3.

  8. Construction of the storage terminal yards at the project site, with an Area of 35,000 m2, including the underground water utilities (Sewer, drainage, firefighting, SCADA system, and electric networks), electric room, pump rooms, warehouse, utility trench, supplying ships with electricity within OPS technique as well as oil and waste reception facility from ships and the finishing paving layers of coarse base material, and heavy-duty concrete laying blocks.

Project Duration: Jul. 2017 - Dec. 2018.



Damietta Port Authority


Project Type

Dredging Works, Ports & Marine Works


(18 months)

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