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Construction of Multi-Purpose Terminal
in Al-Dekheila Seaport – Berth 100

Owner: Ministry of Transportation.

Consultant: Modern Engineering Office Consultant Dr. Hamdy El Kamhawy.

Project Overview:

Al-Dekheila Port Container Terminal has many advantages that attract operators working in container activities due to the depth of the draft of the navigational corridor of the port, in addition to the natural draft of the berths in the port of Al-Dekheila.

The station is also distinguished by the increase in the station’s rear yards and the length of the berth that can receive three container ships, one giant at one time.

A berth shall be constructed 3/85 (container handling terminal), as well as the dredging of docks and the supply of rubber bumpers.

Berth No. 100 to be constructed is one of the most important projects through which the capacity of goods and containers can be increased, and the project consists of terminals with a berth of 1,800 meters in length, a depth ranging between 15-17 meters, and a backside of 660,000 square meters for its capacity to reach 2 million containers by the end of the project.

Our Scope of Work:

We’re constructing a multi-purpose terminal on berth 100 with a length of 1900 meters by applying the diaphragm wall system.

Project Duration: Dec. 2021 - Dec. 2023.



Ministry of Transportation

Project Type

Ports & Marine works


(24 months)

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