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Construction of Two Berths (9 & 10) at Ras Al-khair Seaport,Saudi Arabia Design & Build Contract

Owner: SEAPA - Seaports Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Engineers: Lievense Arabia.

Project Overview:

Ras Al-Khair Port is the latest industrial port in Saudi Arabia, located at the heart of its fastest developing industrial regions. When completed, the port will handle about 895.4 million metric tons of industrial products annually.

The number of minerals exported through the port will amount to 4.335 million tons. Imports will amount to some 660,000 tons.

EDECS and Rawbai Joint Venture were awarded the design and build contract to construct two container berths (No. 9 & 10) and complete Berth No. 8, totaling around 1,000 m of docking wharf.

Our Scope of Work:

Dredging more than 3.5 million m3 to level -16.20 m of the basin and dredging trenches to level -26 m with the reclamation of more than 1.5 million m3 in the lagoon area and more than 2 million m3 behind the gravity-type quay wall.

And other works (totaling about 200,000 m3 of concrete for the quay-wall Concrete blocks, capping beams, and other works).
A jetty was constructed to accommodate a heavy crane of 500 tons needed to handle about 5,000 precast concrete blocks, supplied and installed for rock backfilling and anti-scouring works.
Works include the supply & installation of cell fenders and bollards, construction of interlock paving areas, asphalt roads, construction of seawater firefighting, and potable water systems.

Project Duration: Jul. 2014 – Dec. 2016 (30 months).



SEAPA - Seaports Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Type

Ports & Marine Works


(30 months)

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