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Damietta Port Berth

Damietta Port comes at the forefront of the Egyptian ports recently developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport considering its distinguished location.

The scope of works includes the following;

Site preparation and investigation including bathometric survey, soil investigation, installing and maintaining environmental barrier.
Land reclamation to add over 50,000 m2 to the quay wall and stacking area. This includes backfilling of about 1 million cubic meters of clean sand.
Soil improvement for a 15 m thick soft clay layer extended under the project site at about 14 m below the sea level using the Vertical Wick Drains technique, deep compaction for the backfilled sand for up to 17 m depth using the Vibro Compaction technique and finally utilizing the Rapid Impact Compaction technique to ensure the top layers of the whole site is well compacted to the required degree.
Excavating and constructing 630 m length of about 28,000 square meters of Diaphragm Walls with 1 meter thickness and 44 meters depth
Excavating and constructing about 500 barrettes (1 m by 2.5 m and about 44 meters deep).
Total quantity of reinforced concrete exceeds 100,000 cubic meters with about 23,000 tons of weldable steel. Two concrete batch plants were installed on the site
Constructing the copping beams, girders and deck slabs.
Installation of 59 cell fenders and 20 bollards.
Dredging to depth – 17.0 m for about 760,000 cubic meters.
Two ready mix concrete plants were installed to secure a heavy daily demand of up to 800 m3 totaling about 100,000 m3 of concrete for the quay-wall, capping beams, girders, and slabs.

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Damietta Port Authority

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Dredging Works, Ports & Marine Works


Jul. 2017 - Dec. 2018.

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