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Bunkering & Fuel Storage Of Marine Terminal - East Port-Said

Three separate projects were completed between Oct. 2006 to Mar. 2008 to supply & install the boundary wall, shore protection, and site preparation for the Bunkering & Fuel Storage of Marine Terminal (East Port-Said Port) for the Mashreq Petroleum Co. The projects value exceeded 11 million EGP (about $2 million).

The shore protection contract included demolishing and removing of the existing protection of about 870 m length and reconstructing new shore protection of about 770 m length. The protection works included:

Excavation and dewatering of 254,000 m3.
Installing 6,000 m3 of filter layers (incl. 8,700 m2 geotextile with 400gm/m3).
Installing 18,700 m3 of protection rocks of sizes ranges from 10-100 kg.
Pouring concrete for toe block, bracing beams and cap slab of total quantity=1,060m3.
The site preparation contract included excavation and leveling of all area (464,000 m3 of disposal material) while the boundary wall contract included supply and install of the boundary wall and guard rooms for the project (1,300 m long).

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The Mashreq Petroleum Company.

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Ports & Marina Works


Oct. 2006 - Mar. 2008

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