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Ahl Misr Walkway

EDECS in the “Ahl Misr walkway” project, undertakes the implementation of an elevated walkway, restaurants, cafeterias, shops, theater and a dockyard for yachts on the Nile. The project is implemented from Imbaba Bridge to the Coast Bridge with a length of 1200m.

From the state’s efforts to develop Nile destinations is to increase the entertainment activities and increase tourist attractions,

The work is now underway on the “Ahl Misr Walkway” project. The project consists of an elevated walkway consists of two levels along the Corniche with a length of 4.7 km, and the average width of the upper walkway is 4.5 m. While the average width of the lower walkway is 6.5 meters, the project includes 19 buildings, including 5 restaurants, 5 Cafeterias, 62 Shops, and 3 garages with a total capacity of 180 cars, as well as 3 terraces with a total length of 315 meters that can accommodate 1240 people, in addition to a theater with an area of 275 square meters capacity for 772 people and a dockyard for yachts.

To achieve great use of the Nile River to enable citizens to enjoy its beautiful view, and the project will also contribute to clearing the riverbed, expanding and refining the waterway of the Nile River to maintain the high capacity of water, improve the flow of water and prevent trespass.

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Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities.

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Earth Works, Ports & Marine Works


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