Quality Management System

It is the Company’s policy to implement and operate fully the ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007. Implementation of this policy is a prime management objective and the responsibility of all employees. EDECS Co. management avails sufficient resources including qualified and trained personnel to meet the policy objectives.

Quality Manual

Organization Overview

EDECS El Dawlia for Engineering & Contracting has adopted a quality management system for the purpose of the effective and efficient use of its resources. All employees are committed to the culture of quality. All staff shares responsibility for identifying nonconformities or opportunities for improvement, recording these instances so that corrective or preventive actions can be taken to ensure the company meets the needs of its customers.

Mission Statement

Working closely with our clients to develop creative solutions to meet their challenges is our daily job.
We are committed to provide the highest levels of quality and safety in all aspects of our work. This has earned us a unique place as leaders in our field.
One of our fundamental principles is delivering effective and successful projects with the highest levels of expertise, commitment and reliability.
We rely on our continuously trained, well experienced and highly motivated professionals who use the latest and modernized heavy on-shore and marine equipment to serve our clients and ensure that their interests are optimally served.

Vision Statement

To be the region’s leading Construction Company in marine, infrastructure, and civil works; delivering value to our clients.
Our clients’ satisfaction is our team’s drive. Excellence in serving our clients is at the heart of our profession.


The objectives of EDECS are to achieve and maintain an effective quality management system and ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety customers’ requirements. The quality committee, through the quality manager, contributes to the implementation of the quality management system to achieve the defined objectives.


This quality manual describes the quality management system of EDECS El Dawlia for Engineering & Contracting, its scope is for:

  • Internal use – to communicate to staff the company’s quality policy and quality objectives, to make the staff familiar with the processes used to achieve compliance with quality requirements. This should facilitate the implementation of the quality management system as well as ensure its maintenance and required updates during altering circumstances. This should also allow effective communication and control of quality related activities and a documented base for quality system audits.
  • External use – to inform EDECS external partners about its quality policy as well as its implemented quality management system and measures of compliance with quality.

Quality Policy

Senior management is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to maintain the laboratory quality management system and to ensure the laboratory’s participation in the institutional quality plan.

EDECS is committed to continual improvement, meeting internal requirements and customer requirements, And providing a basis for the establishment and review of the quality objectives.
Quality practices are communicated within the organization, understood and adhered to by all employees.

EDECS ensures a competent workforce to deliver quality results in a timely manner according to the chosen internationally or nationally recognized standard.

EDECS Co. as a leading company, which executes projects in the fields of Excavation, Back Filling, Earth and Asphalt Road Construction, Marine Works and Shore Protection, Foundations and Building Works, recognizes that the disciplines of quality management system and the importance of protecting the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and contractors personnel within work premises over which it has control is an integral part of its management function. The organization views these as a primary responsibility and to be the key to good business in adopting appropriate standards for Quality and Safety.

The Integrated System policy calls for the following points:

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Quality first and delivery on time every time
  • Suitable profit to stay in construction
  • Field Provision of safe working environment

Our management system basics are:

  • Prompt response to customer requirements related to contract requirements.
  • Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of quality management.
  • Give big attention to periodic maintenance for company equipment to keep them always in good conditions.
  • Identification of hazards and assessment of risks.
  • Implementation of necessary control measures to ensure that risks are reduced as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Compliance with applicable health and safety legal and other requirements that relates to EDECS health and Safety risks.

QSE: Organization

Organization Policy

EDECS manager has the authority, competence and responsibility for the services provided.

EDECS management ensures the following:

  • There are no activities that could compromise EDECS performance.
  • There are appropriate procedures to ensure ethical respect of customer’s samples and confidentiality of customer information.
  • Duties and responsibilities of EDECS personnel are defined.
  • Appropriate communication is established within the company.
  • A QHSE manager is designated.

Conflict of Interest

EDECS is not engaged in any activity that might influence its technical judgment.
EDECS is not committed to any commercial, financial or other pressure provided by any particular organization that could influence its Technical judgment or affect its competencies and trust.

Quality Control Plan

Quality Control (QC) is the process used to control, inspect, survey, test and record, as applicable, all works under the Contract.

  1. EDECS Co.:
    Shall be responsible for QC and shall provide the following for this responsibility.
  2. QC Organization:
    All facilities, tools and equipment necessary to the QC organist ion to carry out its function. This includes a Quality Control Manual (QCM) that defines the organization, responsibilities and procedures in sufficient detail and clarity so that those responsible for QC are fully aware of their duties.
    EDECS Co. shall submit his proposal for QC organization and his QCM to the Engineer for approval within 14 days from the Order of Commencement of the Works. The Engineer will within 7 days of receipt of such written documents either confirm his approval or return the documents with comments, If the documents are not approved, EDECS Co. shall take notice of the Engineer’s comments and resubmit the amended document, The Engineer will monitor the
    EDECS Co. implementation of the QC requirements out lined in the QCM and in the Contract EDECS Co. shall comply with all provisions of the QCM as approved by the Engineer Prior to the start of any permanent construct ion EDECS Co. shall have an approved QCM which shall include inspection, survey and test procedures as applicable.


A. the QCM shall include a QC organization chart and a detailed description of the QC organizing and relevant responsibilities and reporting lines.
B. the QC organist ion shall be directed by a Quality Control Manager, who reports directly to EDECS Co. Project Manager. The QC Manager shall have an independent authority and shall have under his supervision and responsibility inspectors, surveyors and support personnel to perform the duties described in the QCM.

C. the Quality Control Manager shall have had previous QC experience in similar posit ions and on similar works, shall be fluent in English and shall be a degree qualified engineer.

D. He shall have no other duties than QC and shall be the direct interface between EDECS Co. and the Engineer regarding QC activities.


A. The QCM shall include a procedure by which EDECS Co. documents and all construction drawings and specification ions and relevant revisions are controlled and distributed to ensure that only the latest revisions are used for construction.


A. EDECS Co. shall include in his QCM his proposal for Non EDECS Co for Engineering and General Contracting conformance Reports and the relevant procedure to identify, and correct non conformances found during receipt and storage of materials, construct ion of the works, and testing.

B. A non-conformance exists when any part of the permanent construct ion works does not conform to the requirements of the Drawings, Specifications and QCM.

C. Non-conforming items shall be controlled and documented by using a Nonconformance Report (NCR).

D. Either EDECS Co. or the Engineer can identify a non-conformance and issue a NCR.

E. No further work that could interfere with the correct ion of the non-conforming item shall take place until the non-conformance is resolved.

F. The method for resolving the non-conformance shall be proposed by EDECS Co. and approval shall be obtained from the Engineer, before any correcting activity begins.

G. The proposed correcting act ion shall be one of the following:


A. The daily QC Report is a form used to record daily inspect ion activities.

B. These daily reports shall be accumulated by the QCM and submit ted to the Engineer on a weekly basis.

C. The daily QC Report shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Names of QC personnel involved in QC activities
2. Items of works inspected, findings and act ion taken
3. Materials and equipment received and inspected, findings and a cons taken
4. Samples taken, tests made and results obtained, including a cons on failing tests
5. Non-conformances found and/ or resolved
6. Quality instructors’ received from the Engineer


A. A procedure to control all QC documentation required by the Contract, Specifications, Drawings and QCM shall be prepared by EDECS Co. and approved by the Engineer.

B. This procedure shall adhere to the following minimum requirements:

1. All QC records shall be kept in a centralized area and filed in chronological Order related to type of works as identified in the following. Chapters of this technical specification.
2. The filing of records shall be kept constantly updated and shall be at the disposal of the Engineer