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The Light Railway Transit (LRT) “10th Of Ramadan – The New Administrative Capital”

EDECS is constructing the Military Kayan station, a bridge with a surface path of 2 km in length.

The light railway transit (LRT) “10th Of Ramadan – The New Administrative Capital” is one of the most important transit projects in Egypt during the current period, the LRT will provide an excellent service to all its users, which represents new transportation from the heart of Cairo to the new cities.

It’s implemented by the Ministry of Transport and the National Authority for Tunnels, in cooperation with our company “EDECS” and the Chinese CREC- AVIC companies.

The LRT will run parallel to the “Cairo-Ismailia” road, reaching the international medical center, then branching north to the 10th of Ramadan city & south to the New Administrative Capital, and linking with the Cairo Metro network at Adly Mansour station.

The LRT contributes to facilitating the movement of citizens, strengthening the transit system, increase the comprehensive development in these new areas, and increasing trade & investment.

The project included 16 stations and extends over a length of 90 km. The speed of LRT will reach 120 km/hr.  And will transport 350 thousand passengers per day.

القوة بالأرقام


Ministry of Transportation. (The National Authority of Tunnels).

نوع المشروع

Railway Works


12 months

صور المشروع

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