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New Marine Terminal Quay Wall Damietta Seaport

This project aimed at extending the harbor area.The area of the extension is about 300 m wide and about 1.5 kilometers long and 17 meters deep. The project occupies approximately 130 hectares of land at the port.

The extension works include the construction of a new U-shaped basin with total new terminals amounting to 2,360 m and basin dredging. These terminals berths enhanced the Port capacity of accommodating giant container vessels with a maximum draft of 16 m, and a length of 400 m, and a width of 53 m.

Our scope of work included the removal of grouted slope protection (pebbles, stones, and concrete) of approx.

4,000 m3 and re-installing it on the new slope, site leveling, excavation of 100,000 m3, filling of in-situ sand of 150,000 m3, and supply & backfilling of crushed stone for the working platform of 30 cm thick. for 25,000 m3.

القوة بالأرقام


Kuwait United Development.

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Ports & Marine Works


Aug. 2007 - Jan. 2009.

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