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Ismailia Tunnels

The Ismailia road tunnel is a twin-tube road tunnel that is planned to cross the existing, and new Suez Canal north of the city of Ismailia. It is part of a larger development project in the Suez Canal corridor.

Our scope of works includes the following:

Excavation and dredging in the presence of underground water for 2 maintenance shafts up to depth 67 m including excavation of 52,000 m3 in the sand, clay, and rock soils until reaching the required bottom level. The excavation is carried out using a crane with a heavy 6 m3 clamshell, a crane with a big Toyo dredging pump (720 m3/hr) with two excavators, and a heavy hammer for rock demolish.

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Petrojet company

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Dredging Works


Nov. 2016 - Apr. 2017.

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