Project Overview:

A consortium of European and Korean dredging contractors joined forces to complete a major dredging project required for the

construction of a new port at Port-Said in Egypt, where the Suez Canal meets the Mediterranean.

Interestingly, all of the works have been carried out under the terms of a so-called ‘Design and Construct’ contract, one of the first such contracts let in the region. In the Design and Construct contract – which was pioneered in the offshore industry – contractors are made responsible not just for executing the work but for designing it too, and get involved at a much earlier stage than would normally be the case with a conventional contract. This is said to allow them to introduce innovative solutions and technology or engineering expertise that can save time and expenditure for the client.

EDECS was subcontracted to complete all earthworks, construction of the sedimentation basin embankments, road works, and shore protection. The shore protection works exceeded 80,000 m2 including placement of the geotextile and over 100,000 tons of rocks and pitching works.