Project Overview:

Our works on the Methanol Marine Terminal started back in Oct. 2007 and spanned for about 30 months (completed in May 2010) through several contracts totaling over 107 million LE (over € 15 million). The first contract (Shore Protection works) was completed in Sep. 2009 and covered the following works;

  • Dry excavation of more than 110,000 m3.
  • Installation of a deep well dewatering system to drawdown water level to -7.0 CD to enable further dry excavation (down to level -6.0 CD) for 90,000 m3.
  • First stage leveling and slope protection work up to level -6.00 CD (8,000 m2).
  • Second stage leveling (25,000 m2) and slope protection works up to level -14.50 CD and scour protection work at depth -15.35 CD (10,000 m2).

This was followed by an € 11.35 million ( 88 million LE ) contract for dredging works between Oct. 2008 – Jul. 2009. The works included ;

  • Dredging works for the Terminal area down to -14.5 m and disposal of 550,000 m3 of the dredged material to the designated off-shore dumping area (20 km away).
  • Dredging works for the scour area down to -15.35 m and disposal of the excavated material to the designated dumping area.
  • Underwater slope formation and leveling
  • Dredging works were carried out using 2 floating cranes with 6 m3 capacity clamshell and 4 hoppers split barges of 400, 450, 500, and 800 m3 capacity.

The last contract on this project was in early 2010 (completed in May. 2010) to carry out the installation of the marine fixtures works for the Dolphin Pilling Heads and the steel foot paths.