Project Overview:

This was one of our early large road projects with the Port-Said Port Authority. The works were executed through several contracts of total value of 58.5 million LE ($ 11 million) between 2004-2010.

The “Arterial Road” serves the Suez Canal Containers Terminal at one side (EDECS works in the SCCT project)

exceeded 245 million LE; $43 million) and the Trucks Parking Terminal (EDECS contract was 85 million LE; $12.5 million) at the other side of this Main Road Extension. Works included excavation for the new road is very soft soil inside the dredging basin and disposal of the material (over 800,000 m3), supply, backfilling & compaction of imported sand (over 600,000 m3), and construction of subbase layer, base & asphalt layers.