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New Suez Canal
Excavation & Road Construction

Owner: Suez Canal Authority.

Project Overview:

Two-way container ship traffic was impossible on parts of the Suez Canal. A challenging national project to excavate and dredge a new 75 km navigation canal (200 wide, 24 m deep) in an exceptionally short time of 12 months parallel to the existing Suez Canal was announced in August 2014. This is the largest expansion of the Suez Canal since its inauguration; completed in August 2015; a third of the originally estimated time.


Several Egyptian and multinational companies collaborated on this national project to dredge over 240 million m3 and excavate over 200 million m3. We undertake the largest earthworks & infrastructures contractor of the 63 construction companies that contributed to this project, was responsible for the largest volume of revetment (12 km, main contractor) and dry excavation and dumping of nearly 13 million m`3 in addition to the construction of embankment for sedimentation basins of over 10 million m3.


Our scope of work includes 10 km of the New Canal revetments (including slopes trimming/leveling, supply & install geotextile, installing rock protection layers of 130 cm thickness) in addition to the construction of 43 reinforced concrete bollard bases along the New Canal.

Project Duration: Sep. 2014 - Dec. 2015.



Suez Canal Authority

Project Type

Ports & Marine Works


(16 months)

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