Geotechnical Engineer

New Cairo Cairo Egypt

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

• Gathering and analysing data
• Looking at the risk of geological hazards and making sure any factors affecting engineering works are identified and managed
• Advising on procedures required and the suitability of construction materials
• Using specialist computer software to create analytical 2D and 3D models
• Consulting geological maps and aerial photographs to advise on site selection
• Assisting with the design of built structures, using specialised computer software or calculations
• Planning detailed field investigations by drilling and analysing samples of deposits or bedrock
• Supervising ground investigations and budgets
• Advising on and testing a range of construction materials including sand, gravel, bricks and clay
• Making recommendations on the proposed use of a site
• Managing staff, including other engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers, consultants and contractors
• Working to preserve and protect the physical environment
• Analysing sites and designs for environmentally sensitive developments, such as landfill.


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Deep foundations, Diaphragm walls, soils experience is a must

About the Company

During the last 26 years, EDECS has become a significant player in marine constructions, infrastructure, large-scale earthworks, water treatment plants, water desalination plants, railways, roads, and bridges in Egypt.

Over 6.5 billion Egyptian Pounds ($415 million) worth of projects have been completed & delivered, with a further over 10 billion Egyptian Pounds ($ 640 million) backlogs of projects to be completed in 2021.

​We extended our operations to Saudi Arabia and plan to expand further across the Middle East and North Africa."