Cost Control Engineer

New Cairo City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

• Providing technical support for managing bids and contracts in studying the prices of business items, and analyzes the cost of each item separately, including direct and indirect expenses.
• Analyzing all the items for the index attached to the project contract, verifies the financial cost of the items, and makes recommendations to the Planning Manager in case there is a marked difference in the item prices.
• Calculating the estimated budget for the cost of the project based on the studies previously determined by the Bid Management, each project separately.
• Providing the necessary support to different project managers in the event of time deviations or cost deviations. It prepares monthly or bi-monthly reports on the financial position of the project and submits it to the Planning Manager, and then it is presented to the Project Manager.
• Reviewing the monthly reports submitted by the project management to determine the extent to which the financial and technical deviations were corrected, and to determine the extent of the project management's commitment to the recommendations and proposals previously submitted.
• Holding periodic meetings with the project manager, to compare the actual work of the project with the previously determined financial budget, the extent of adherence to the timetable and their conformity with the actual reality of the project.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

  • Primavera.

  • 2+ years in Cost Control Department.

  • Excellent use of Microsoft Office Productivity Suite      (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

  • Construction work on-site experience is a plus.

About the Company

During the last 26 years, EDECS has become a significant player in marine constructions, infrastructure, large-scale earthworks, water treatment plants, water desalination plants, railways, roads, and bridges in Egypt.

Over 6.5 billion Egyptian Pounds ($415 million) worth of projects have been completed & delivered, with a further over 10 billion Egyptian Pounds ($ 640 million) backlogs of projects to be completed in 2021.

​We extended our operations to Saudi Arabia and plan to expand further across the Middle East and North Africa."