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Corporate Analyst

New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

نوع الوظيفة

Full Time

حول الدور

As a corporate analyst at EDECS, you will look at business operations and works to increase financial stability and productivity for the company. Your job duties include collecting and analyzing complex business data, reviewing trends and shifts in markets, developing models and reports based on the analysis, and providing financial support to management. This role will work closely and in direct support of the top-level executive team.

Qualifications for this career include an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, or a related field, as well as superior organizational and speaking skills. Experience managing projects and programming financial models is a plus.

As a member of the EDECS team, you will actively contribute to the growth and development of our company. We realize that our strength and competitive advantage lie with our people. We support our team in several ways to foster a healthy working environment, meaningful work, diversity and inclusion, mobility, networking, and work-life balance. Our competitive compensation and benefits programs reflect our high regard for our employees.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Assessing and creating or developing business cases and investment proposals for divisional and corporate projects
Examining and coordinating business plans, inspecting planning assumptions, and identifying and resolving any issue that may arise
Arranging technical briefings and recommendations for senior staff ahead of important board meetings
Making clear and concise recommendations to stakeholders.
Analyzing new investment and business opportunities through valuation models
Evaluating cross-company activities for best-practices efficiency opportunities
Analyzing the organization's daily cash position and determining where money should be invested
Developing and implementing a model or methodology that maximizes lost profits
Recording, interpreting, and reporting financial information in support of general business operations and long-range tactical planning functions
Preparing materials for senior management presentations for the board of directors and also assisting with the preparation of annual reports, financial statement forecasts, and variances
Producing ad-hoc analysis, research, financial reporting, and progress reports to senior management
Training managers and directors on the budgeting process
Reviewing and analyzing individual project accounts (both incoming funds and project expenditure) in relation to approved projects
Contributing to the improvement in the quality of work, and the work of other members of EDECS
Ensuring that the EDECS gets maximum financial value from its business relationships with crucial strategic partners across relevant projects.


  • Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in any field of accounting, finance, or business administration.

  • Master's degree in Construction Management is preferred.

  • Three plus (3+) years of working experience

  • Well-developed judgment skill, as a corporate analyst serves as a source of expertise and advice to others.

  • Adequate communication and interpersonal skills, to communicate effectively with finance partners, sharing knowledge and seeking advice when necessary

  • Good analytical skills to successfully analyze financial and business information while also deriving valuable insights from it

  • Developed IT skills such as Microsoft Office skills to a medium/advanced level, particularly Excel

عن الشركة

During the last 26 years, EDECS has become a significant player in marine constructions, infrastructure, large-scale earthworks, water treatment plants, water desalination plants, railways, roads, and bridges in Egypt.

Over 6.5 billion Egyptian Pounds ($415 million) worth of projects have been completed & delivered, with a further over 10 billion Egyptian Pounds ($ 640 million) backlogs of projects to be completed in 2021.

​We extended our operations to Saudi Arabia and plan to expand further across the Middle East and North Africa.

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