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Construction of Eastern Quay Wall for The Navy Base
In East Port Said, Egypt

Owner: Egyptian Navy Force, Egypt.

Engineers: Engineering Authority (EA) & Egyptian Armed Forces.

Consultant: Pacer Consultants.

Project Overview:

Port Said East Port is one of the Egyptian ports Belonging to the General Authority of Port Said Port. It is located east of the eastern Tafreih of the Suez Canal and is one of the most important axes of international trade between Europe and the East Mediterranean. The port is located in a unique location in the east of the northern entrance of the eastern side of the Suez Canal and at the confluence of three continents and on the main road of the East-West’s confluence. It is planned to make the most of this site to be the first nucleus for the establishment of the largest promising industrial zone whose production is for export, to attract major international shipping lines. The port area is 35 km2 and the port is planned for the construction of berths with a length of 12 km. and its planned establishment of an industrial zone south of the port on an area of 87.6 million m2.

The total area of the current container terminal is 600 thousand m2, with a width of 500 meters, based on the importance of the geographical and economic location of the region, the Egyptian armed forces established a naval base with a length of 2 km on the Mediterranean coast at the eastern region of Tafreih. It was also decided to provide the base with a quay wall with a length of 1,000 meters to serve the military base and to reach the depth of the wall to 14 meters to serve a wide range of ships.

Our Scope of Works:

  1. Construction of 1000 m Quay Wall.

  2. Construction of a Breakwater of length 2,500 m.

Project Duration: Jan. 2021 - Sep. 2021.



Egyptian Navy Force, Egypt

Project Type

Dredging Works, Ports & Marine Works


(9 months)

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