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Construction of Eastern Quay Wall for The Navy Base – In East Port Said.jpg

Construction of Eastern Quay Wall 
In East Port Said, Egypt

Consultant: Dar Al Handasa Engineering Consultants & Modern Engineering consulting office.

Project Overview:

Port Said East Port is one of the Egyptian ports Belonging to the Suez Canal Economic Zone.

East Port Said port is well-positioned to be a major transshipment hub and gateway port

The Eastern Port Said Naval Base is designed to secure the Suez Canal, which could be threatened by the low-level insurgency in the Sinai, and to provide strategic access to recently discovered gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Egypt’s new naval strategy is designed to support a growing role in regional maritime affairs.

Our Scope of Work:

The works had been carried out in very bad soft clay soil with special precautions and treatments.

  1. Construction of 1000 m Quay Wall using front deep Diaphragm reinforced concrete wall of 0.80 m thick and 63 m depth of total quantity 46,500 m3, reinforced concrete barrettes with dimensions 2.8m*0.8m and depth 63m of total quantity 58,000 m3 and construction of Deck slab of total quantity 32,000m3. 

  2. Construction of a Breakwater of 2,500 m and a total rock quantity of 600,000 m3.

  3. Reinforced Concrete Utilities trench of total length 1000m

Project Duration: Aug.  2018 - Feb. 2020 (18 months).


Project Type

Dredging Works, Ports & Marine Works


(18 months)

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