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Construction of Umm Qamar bridge along the link with Suez Road

Consultant: El RAEID Engineering Consultants

Project Overview:

The company is constructing a concrete bridge above Suez Road with a length of 220 m and a width of 31 m along the Umm Qamar link with the Suez Road in km 16 of the regional ring to solve the congestion crisis in the area and aims to facilitate and service the movement of heavy transport trucks that transport loads of raw materials extracted from the quarries in that area to the areas Industrial and investment in Cairo and other cities, which supports the development process in the country.

The number of lanes: 6.
Length: 220 meters.
Width: 31 meters.
Project Duration: Feb. 2022 - May. 2022 (3 months).


Project Type

Roads & Bridges


(3 months)

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