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Bunkering & Fuel Storage of Marine Terminal.jpg

Bunkering & Fuel Storage
of Marine Terminal

Shore Protection, Site Preparation & Boundary Wall
in East Port-Said Port

Owner: The Mashreq Petroleum Co.

Consultant: PACER.

Our Scope of Works:

Three separate projects were completed to supply & install the boundary wall, shore protection, and site preparation for the Bunkering & Fuel Storage of Marine Terminal for the Mashreq Petroleum Co. The shore protection contract included demolishing and removing the existing protection and reconstructing new shore protection.

  • Excavation and dewatering.

  • Installing filter layers.

  • Installing protection rocks.

  • Pouring concrete for the toe block, bracing beams, and cap slab.

Project Duration: Oct. 2006 – Mar. 2008.



The Mashreq Petroleum Co

Project Type

Ports & Marine Works


(18 months)

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