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Al-Fayrouz Fishing Farms
East of Port Said

Owner: The National Company for Aquaculture.

Project Manager: Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces.

Consultant: Dr. Fathy Abd Rabbo and Partners Office (FACB).

Project Overview:

This project is considered one of the largest fisheries development projects in Egypt. The project aims to establish fish farms with an area of 80 million m2 to produce 55 thousand tons of fish annually.

EDECS established some inlets, consisting of four stone barriers extending into the seawater in East Port Said, North Sinai, to control the direction and the movement of the seawater inside and outside of the free fishing lake to improve the water quality in the lake and to provide a natural environment for fish farming and free fishing.

To ensure the connection of the coastal road north of the free fishing lakes, a bridge is constructed over each of the inlets, with a length of about 85 meters for each bridge, so that these bridges allow navigation between the free fishing lakes and the open sea, with traffic moving over the navigational openings of the inlet.

Our Scope of Works:

  1. Construction works of basins, bridges, canals, drains, and service roads for 3 first-stage basins and 800 second-stage basins.

  2. The works of drainage networks and bridges in front of canals.

  3. Construction of stone barriers, shipyards, canal intakes, and hostilities.

  4. Establish 2 boilers (middle and western) with a width of 20 meters to pass the water.

  5. Making two jetties for each inlet with a length of 600 m perpendicular to the beach and extending into the sea, the drilling volumes are 260,000 m3.

  6. The work also includes the construction of 2 concrete bridges so that each bridge with a length of 84 m / inlet is constructed to extend the coastal road path along the area north of the fish farms.

Project Duration: Sep. 2016 – Mar. 2021.



The National Company for Aquaculture

Project Type

Dredging Works


(54 months)

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