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Dredging & Widening Works
in Basin-3 at Sokhna Seaport

Owner: Sokhna Port Development Company & Dubai Port World.

Project Overview:

Docking of a large regasification vessel, badly needed to secure natural gas supply to power stations in Egypt, required the widening and deepening of Basin No. 3 in Sokhna Port. This was a challenging project as a very hard cemented soil layer was encountered.

Our Scope of Work:

The first stage was collaborating with the Egyptian Dutch Dredging Co. and ABEKO Server Co. to dredge 330,000  m3 and dump the dredged material at a designated off-shore dumping area. The works were carried out for Dubai Ports World.

The second stage to deepen the basin and widen its northern side was carried out by EDECS for Sonker Bunkering Co. to dredge 400,000 m3 and dump using the Backhoe Red October.

Widening the basin includes removing the existing shore protection, cutting/trimming new slopes, installing new geotextile filters, and protecting the new slopes.

Project Duration: Mar. 2011 - Mar. 2015.



Sokhna Port Development Company & Dubai Port World

Project Type

Dredging Works


(60 months)

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